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[MEGZ] Correction

I will not be posting my graphics at limebubbles, instead I will post them at novabeat. Please watch novabeat instead. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Disney [18]
Full Metal Panic! [10]
Miley Cyrus [13]
Taylor Swift [24]
Video Games [44]
Miscellaneous (Code Geass, Avatar: The Last Airbender etc.) [10]
TOTAL: 119


(I can't choose it anymore) @ novabeat
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[MOD] #2 Important Anoucement

Hey all,

I think Mary kicked some motivation into me when she made the first move to make her post, I've been meaning to say this but I just haven't been able to put it on pen computer in this case xD.

I will also be resigning from sakusei, this is not a move I was thinking of making two years ago and it's hard for me to do this even if I had originally gathered the girls to create sakusei, not that I take the credit of making sakusei an awesome community That credit goes to the girls, not me xD.

And I haven't been updating much even if I still do make icons just not as frequently as usual because I don't have the inspiration to do so. And because I feel like having a fresh start, it was real fun being in sakusei and I've really bonded with the girls *hugs them* But it is time to move on and I need a fresh start.

But hey, look at it this way, this isn't the end. This is just a new beginning.
Isn't it incredible how I got this from watching Shugo Chara! xD

I don't know what the other girls are going to stay here or not but we will always be part of sakusei, regardless of where we are. And our friendship will always stay as a memory of the good times we had here.

Anyways, I will be posting icons at my new graphics community @ limebubbles soon because I think I have a few icons in my folder, not sure how many but we'll see. Feel free to watch it if you're interested in seeing my icons again. (Maybe another shared graphics community... *shot*)

♥ Megz
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[mod] Important Announcement!

Hey guys,

Wow, haha, I don't know how to start this. But let's get to the point. I've been thinking about this for weeks now. I'm resigning from sakusei It's not April Fool's, it's not a joke either. I haven't updated in a while and I don't find myself iconning animanga anymore. I know it's variety for sakusei, but I just haven't contributed here in a long time. (I've managed to pull off a layout for you guys, though.) It's not only me either but everyone else. The others don;t seem to have time and I don't either. I have other communities now and I'm aiming to see what I can accomplish individually. I also don't see the point in being part of a community that I'm not active in.

Thank you so much for sticking with me all this time. God, it's been how many years? Two? It'll be three by July. Just the thought is making me cry... Really thank you so much. These past two and a half years were fun. It was a lot of fun. ♥

Sakusei will forever be an important community to me. I will forever support it! I hope the others provide you guys with more shiny stuff :))

If you're still interested with my graphics (I'll probably put in a little animanga from time to time) please visit these places: coloree and peachglow.

~ Mary ♥

[cassie] 29// 23 Hetalia Icons

Hey guys! This is miruchu or Cassie but I just got a shiny new journal. :). It's been a long time since I've posted, so here are some Hetalia icons. A bunch of them are from fanart and fan videos and only one of them is from the actual anime.

[23] Hetalia Icons


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[MEGZ] hack warning

[Snagged from mintyapple]

I usually don't post these kinds of things, but I heard through the grapevine about a recent hacking spurt (source). Apparently there is a person/group going around and hacking the Moderator accounts of large LJ communities. After hacking the Mod's journal, they go to the community and make a post with malicious links, disable comments, and delete all content from the community & mod's journal.

Very important news here, please take note of the details.
sakusei is a pretty big graphics community with lots of members and watchers and we clearly value the protection of everyone's information and computer privacy.


An example of a hacked community:

If anything suspicious appears please...
1) Do not Click on any suspicious Links, as they are intended to spread a malware keylogger.
2) Contact any of the sakusei girls - For Megz: tenderxheart[@]
3) Please Report it to LiveJournal.

I have personally done a few preventative steps, but I wanted to share them below because It's always better to be safe than sorry!
1) Change your Password once a year & make it complex; include numbers, letters, and capitalization.
2) Add a "Secret Question" that is to be asked if you forget your password (click here)
3) Clear out old & inactive e-mail accounts (click here)
4) As always, Run a Virus/Antimalware scan on your computer (PC / Mac)
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[MARY] 22nd || multifandom 118

I love Holidays, lol. I get to post more often and not worry about anything! Plus I'm stress free 8) But enough rambling. here's another post from me! It's filled with lots and lots of... guys. Just in case no one has noticed, but I do icon guys...a lot. And they're pretty much the only ones I icon nowadays 8D; Also this post contains a lot of black & white. I...just love it XD;

Enjoy & I hope you guys had a wonderful holidays & here's to the upcoming new year! =) ♥

(35) big bang
(28) dbsk
(11) epik high
(10) jang geun suk
(17) shinee
(10) shia labeouf & megan fox
(7) really old wallpapers - dbsk
total 118


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[MARY] 21st || multifandom 154 icons

Happy Holidays everyone ~ Here's a simple batch from me. And by simple, I really mean simple 8) Barely and textures or text on these. ♥ I concentrated on the coloring, lmao, and probably failed. But I hope you enjoy! You're probably sick of seeing the same images, butbutbut I just couldn't help myself :x

Also, more than half of these are old XD Better batch next time!

(23) csjh the grace
(75) dong bang shin ki
(20) epik high
(10) fashion
(13) lee hyori
(9) younha
(2) namie amuro
(2) one ok rock
total 154


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[MARY] Tutorial 12 | TVXQ GIF

A tutorial for my bb initials ~ She wants to know how to make .GIFS from movie files. And this one is the easiest when it comes to .avi ones :) It's how I make mine.

We're going to make this:

This tutorial was based on this one right here by AOI over @ the narutofan forum. But since the images are gone, I redid it (shorter version XD; i'm lazy) for my friend.

Warning: Image heavy! As in HUGE images.
Collapse )

I hope that was helpful ~ you try & experiment with actually editing the .gif by pressing the "photoshop" button underneath the tools section 8) And have fun! .Gifs are time consuming, but they're really fun to make ♥ If you have any questions, ask! I know that was probably really confusing...