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Sakusei Graphics!
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creating & sharing graphics of all shapes, sizes & colors for the masses! ♥

5 人で we be extra★ordinary, 真似できないくらい like strawberry。 You've reached Sakusei, an icon community owned by pommello, rangan_ryu, simpleflower, sushiwitch & tainee. It's all about variety here so you can expect to find a wide range of fandoms. Sakusei; さくせい means to create or creating in Japanese. We love what we do and hope you enjoy the graphics we share. We appreciate your support. ♥

NAVIGATION: Affilates, tags, resources, & FAQ's.

01. Credit either the user or the community itself.
02. Comment if taking any graphics. Optional but motivational and appreciated.
03. Do not claim the graphics as your own.
04. NO HOTLINKING! Please host them under your own server.
05. No editing! Textless = not a base unless otherwise stated.

pommello likes Prince of Tennis, period. That and bubble tea. But mostly Prince of Tennis. She brings in Prince of Tennis, Tenimyu, Sailor Moon and other miscellaneous stuff that she likes. She goes by the name Cassie but just Cass is fine. She's very lazy so she icons once in a blue moon but she makes sure that she makes them with good effort.

rangan_ryu (Rachel/Ran). She no longer posts here. xD Thank you for your support. Please visit K-Passion for her k-pop graphics.

simpleflower loves kung fu, takari, asucaga, music, sakusei girls and everything nice. also used to be megan23352 but changed because i'm matured haha. i also go by megz and love making graphics esp. digimon and gundam seed. i'm also a rainbow girl haha. go colours. [Now at novabeat! ♥

istilladoreyou can be spotted playing games and nag about fashion all day long. When it comes to music, Nad prefers Bloc Party, Lily Allen, Coldplay, The Kooks, and all that jazz~. Especially Bloc Party! She is currently obsessed over her tartan scarf and going abroad.

tainee icons a variety of things :] Her icons will contain tons of color or none at all. She's grown fond of fashion in general, loves to icon music artists and although she seldom does it now, she still icons animanga & video games. Mary is also really fond of photography & art. Music, for her, is considered as life. ♥! [Now at peachglow! ♥]

Very inspiring and creative people whose own work definitely deserves a visit! We love them!

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